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Acting and Audition Techniques 

Level 1 and Level 2

This course introduces students to some of the fundamental skills and tools required for developing the acting process.  They build self-awareness, develop their imagination and concentration, recognize their emotional truth, learn the actor’s vocabulary, and demonstrate the ability to be honest and committed in their acting.  In addition, students learn how to behave as professional actors as they demonstrate the focus and respect necessary in an acting class, on stage, or on set.  We will also jump into some script work, where students can explore fundamental acting skills and tools required for working with text.  They begin to explore the rehearsal process and act with more confidence, while engaging with the importance of text analysis and research.  Through various scene exercises and script analysis, students learn how to build authentic characters and work towards developing a longer scene to present in front of their peers.  Lastly students will be taught the basics for preparing for an audition.

 Class Day—  Thursday (Level 1 and 2)

Class Time—4 - 5 PM (Level 1) 6 - 7 PM (Level 2)

Class Cost—$55 Monthly (This class is on the hourly fee table and will be discounted when multiple classes are taken.)

Age Requirement– 7-12 Years Old (Level 1) and 13-18 Years Old (Level 2) 

What to bring:

Comfortable Clothing


Small Notepad


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